JupyterHub for instructors

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Main article with general usage instructions: Jupyterhub for Teaching. For research purposes, see Triton JupyterHub.

Nbgrader documentation is at https://nbgrader.readthedocs.io/, and is necessary reading to understand how to use it. However, the Noteable service documentation (https://noteable.edina.ac.uk/documentation/) is generally much better, and most of it is applicable to here as well. The information included in these is not duplicated here, and is required in order to use jupyter.cs.

Below, you mostly find documentation specific to jupyter.cs and important notes you do not find other places.

More info

Contact: CS-IT via the guru alias guru @ cs dot aalto.fi (students, contact your course instructors first).

For source code and reporting issues, see the main jupyterhub page.