Scicomp garage

Planned disruptions

  • Summertime, garages will continue, but may have less support available. We don’t promise to be there every day, but from past years there has usually been someone. You can ask in ref:SciComp chat too coordinate a meeting day. Software requests should go to the issue tracker.

    • 27 June (T) - 4 July (Th) there may be less people around.

If you need more help than the issue trackers, this is the place to be. It’s not just Triton, but all aspects of scientific computing.

Come if you want to:

  • Solve problems

  • Discuss and figure out what your problem really is

  • Brainstorm the best strategy are for your problems

  • Work with someone on your issues in real time

  • Network with others who are doing similar work and learn something new

What kind of issues can we help with:

  • Code and Software:

    • Issues with your code or software tools you use (e.g. debugging, setting up software, linking libraries)

    • Code parallelization

    • Code versioning, git, testing

  • Data Management:

    • Data management plans, data sharing

    • Handling of sensitive data and general legal and ethical (to some extent) questions about research data

    • Workflows for big datasets

    • Data versioning

  • Triton cluster:

    • Slurm job submissions

    • Cluster usage

    • Script setup

    • Module management / Library loading

  • General:

    • Basic methodological or statistical issues


  • All garages are designed for researchers and staff working in Aalto (or those who have a need to contact us).

  • You don’t have to have a specific question, you can come by just to chat, listen, or figure out if you should have a question.

  • You can also chat with us any other time (no promises on reply time, though).

Triton, SciComp, RSE, and CS

You can meet us online, every workday, at 13:00, online via zoom. Imagine this like walking into our office to ask for help. Even if you are not sure whether we can help you, come and chat with us anyway and we can figure it out.

  • This doesn’t replace email or the Triton issue tracker for clearly-defined tasks. Garage is good for discussion, brainstorming, and deciding the best path. If in doubt, come to garage and we will help you decide. Many people make an issue, then come to garage to discuss.

  • Try to arrive between 13:00 - 13:15. We may leave early if there is no one around. Please don’t arrive early since we have other meetings then.

  • We have some special days (see list below) to ask about specific topics, but in reality we can answer any question any day.

  • Join on Zoom via .


PHYS, NBE, and ITS (Aalto IT Services) staff are part of the Garage sessions every Monday and Wednesday. Regular reminders are sent to the department personnel lists.

Special days

Some days are special, and have extra staff about certain topics. But you can always visit on any day and ask any question, and we can usually give a good answer (especially about Triton, HPC, computing, software, and data).

  • Mondays also have NBE/PHYS IT present.

  • Tuesdays We are continuing the COMSOL Multiphysics focus days in Spring 2024: someone from COMSOL (the company) plans to join our zoom garage at 13:00 on the following Tuesdays: 2024-01-23, 2024-02-27, 2024-03-26, 2024-04-23, 2024-05-28.

  • Wednesdays also have NBE/PHYS IT present. We also have more staff to help jupyter.cs instructors/TAs.

  • Thursdays

  • Fridays also have CS IT present (at the beginning).


Aalto IT services runs something similar for some other schools and departments.

In person

In-person garages haven’t been held since early 2020 for the obvious reason. The online garage above is more frequent and you are more likely to meet the very best person for your topic.

Past events

Scicomp Garage has existed since Spring 2017. It has been online since March 2020, and daily since summer 2020.