Scicomp garage

If you need more help than the issue trackers, this is the place to be. It’s not just Triton, but all aspects of scientific computing.

Come if you want to:

  • Solve problems
  • Discuss and figure out what your problem really is
  • Brainstorm the best strategy are for your problems
  • Work with someone on your issues in real time
  • Network with others who are doing similar work and learn something new


  • All garages are open to all people (but see the specialities).
  • You don’t have to have a specific question, you can come by just to chat, listen, or figure out if you should have a question.


Triton, SciComp, RSE, and CS

You can meet us online, every weekday, at 13:00, online via zoom. This garage is focused on Triton/HPC, scientific computing, data, and CS issues with best representation by (CS and Science-IT). Imagine this like walking into our office to ask for help.

  • Thursdays are Triton focus days. Fridays are CS focus days. But you can usually find someone to help any day of the week (if not, we’ll tell you when to come back).
  • This doesn’t replace email or the Triton issue tracker for clearly-defined tasks. Garage is good for discussion, brainstorming, and deciding the best path. If in doubt, come to garage and we will help you decide. Many people make an issue, then come to garage to discuss.
  • Arrive between 13:00 - 13:15. We leave at 13:15 if there is no one around (and the person you need to talk to may leave). Please don’t arrive early since we another meeting then. Program always ends at 14:00.
  • Join on Zoom via . If joining by web browser, use Chrome. Audio doesn’t work with Firefox or Safari.


This garage combines NBE, PHYS, and ITS (Aalto IT Services) staff, both from the computational and non-computational sides.

This garage happens on Zoom every Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 11:00 to 12:00. The link is sent to department personnel lists.

In person

General garage (CS Building)

In-person garages suspended for the time being for the obvious reason. The online garage above is more frequent and even better.

NBE garage, F-building

NBE garage used to happen in person every first wednesday of the month, room F336 13:00. NBE garage covers also issues related to working with personal data, research ethics, best practices in biomedical research.

Due to the current situation NBE garage happens online at the same time of the Aalto Sci Comp garage (see above).

Past events

Scicomp Garage has existed since Spring 2017.