Research Software Engineers

The Aalto Research Software Engineers (RSEs) provide specialist support regarding software, computing, and data. As research becomes more digital and computer-dependent, the prerequisite knowledge grows larger and larger, and we exist to help you fill that gap.

For anything related to custom software development, computational research, data management, workflow automation, scaling-up, deployment of public previews, collaborative work, reproducible research, optimization, high-performance computing, and more, we can:

  • Do it for you: You need some custom technical software/solution. We do it for you, you get straight to your work.

  • Do it with you: We co-work with your group, teaching while we go along.

  • Make it reusable: You already have something, but it doesn’t work for others.

  • Plan your ambitions: Figure out how far you can reach in your next project or grant.

Instead of, or in addition to, hiring your own intern, postdoc, etc. to struggle with certain issues, we can help instead. We consist of experienced researchers who have broad experience with scientific computing (programming, computing, data) for our academic work, and thus can seamlessly collaborate on research projects. We can also do consultation and training. You will have more impact since your work is more reusable, open, and higher quality. We can work on existing projects or you can write us directly into your grant applications.

Service availability: Garage support is available to researchers at Aalto. We serve projects from all Aalto schools thanks to IT Services grants, but our main funding currently comes from the School of Science. For more information, see Unit information.


For a quick chat to get started with any kind of project or request any type of support, come to our daily garage, every workday online at 13:00. Or contact us by email at rse-group at, or fill out our request form. See requesting RSE for more.

About our services

How to get started

Contact us as mentioned above, or read here for more details.

About research software engineers


Other pages on this site: Package your software well, The Zen of Scientific computing

Internal documents

We believe in openness, so make our procedures open. They are subject to improvement at any time. Also see the FCCI Tech seminar series for how our broader team works internally.

See also

  • The CSC optimization service is essentially a RSE service, targeted to CSC/LUMI resources (but in theory can do more). They are good at low-level programming kind of things.

  • The Nvidia AI Tech Center provides free RSE services for research projects for Finnish Center for AI members (includes Aalto).