Research Software Engineers

In 2020, Aalto Scientific Computing is beginning a Research Software/Data Engineer (RSE) program to improve the quality of our scientific computing and data use. “Research software engineer” is a recent term for a longstanding role: someone that works at the interface of research and software development, but not fully either. We think this applies equally to data.

Use of RSEs in research will increase your impact by making your software more reusable, open, and higher quality. It will also have an immense impact on our internal productivity.

It’s easy to request help, anywhere from an personal consultation, to group seminar and getting started session, to work on a longer-term project. Read more below.


If you are in Aalto, please take our survey to express interest (necessary to secure funding) and/or request a consultation.

This program is currently being developed, and information here may be updated.

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