Research Software Engineers

Our Research Software Engineer (RSE) service provides you with a dedicated specialist to assist you with computing, software, and data tasks in your research, for a longer period than other staff can. Funding either comes from departments (for basic service) or from a research project.

As a researcher, the RSE service will allow you to focus on what you want, the science, increase your impact by making your research outputs more reusable, open, and higher quality. As a department, the RSE service will have an immense impact on our internal productivity.

It’s easy to request help, anywhere from an personal consultation, to group seminar and getting you on the right path, to work on a longer-term project. Read more below.


For a quick chat, come to our daily garage, every day online at 13:00 (Tuesdays are RSE focus days). Or contact us by email at rse-group at, or fill out our request form. See requesting RSE for more.

How to get started

To get started, first browse how we work and then how to make a request. When in doubt, come to the SciComp garage or email scicomp at

About research software engineers

Internal documents

We believe in openness, so make our procedures open. They are subject to improvement at any time.

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