RSE community

Do you like coding, research, and the academic environment, but want slightly more emphasis and community around the software side? Join the Aalto RSE community from your current position. There are no requirements, only networking.

RSEs have been an essential part of science for ages, but hardy ever recognised. We have many here at Aalto. Aalto SciComp is trying to make a community of these people. By taking part, you can

  • Network with others in similar situations and discover career opportunities.
  • Share knowledge among ourselves (maybe have relevant training, too)
  • Take part in developing our services - basically, be a voice of the users.
  • More directly help the community by, for example, directly updating this site, helping to develop services, or teaching with us.

Aalto community chats

We have biweekly chats for the Aalto RSE/scientific computing poweruser meetings. This is a way to network with similarly-minded people. Check back for updates on when these are.

Join our RSE mailing list to be kept up to date.