Scientific computing and data science require special, practical skills in programming and computer use. However, these aren’t often learned in academic courses. This page is your portal for getting these skills. The focus is practical, hands-on courses for scientists, not theoretical academic courses.

Scientific Computing in Practice

SCIP is a lecture series at Aalto University which covers hands-on, practical scientific computing related topics. Lectures are open for the entire Aalto community as well as our partners at FGCI consortium.

Examples of topics covered at different lectures: HPC crash course, Triton kickstarts, Linux Shell, Parallel programming models: MPI and OpenMP, GPU computing, Python for scientists, Data analysis with R and/or Python, Matlab, HTCondor and many others.

Future courses Winter-Spring 2022 courses (tentative plan) - Next year will start with “Introduction to HPC” (aka “Triton winter kickstart”), Data analysis with R and Python, introduction to MPI, Code Refinery workshop, Matlab advanced, and few more.

Anyone can sign up for announcements at the SCIP announcement mailinglist.

Other interesting courses

Data management, Reproducibility, open science

Please check the fall calendar for training on data management and open science, organised by the Aalto Data Agents:

  • Introduction to Research Data Management | Oct 5 2021 at 1–2 PM

  • Introduction to Github | Oct 6 2021 at 3–4 PM

  • Data Management Plans: a How-to | Oct 7 2021 at 1–2 PM

  • Handling of Personal Data | Oct 12 2021 at 1–2.30 PM

  • How to Share Research Data Through a Data Repository: A Zenodo Example | Oct 14 2021 at 10–11.30 AM

  • Working with Restricted Datasets | Oct 26 2021 at 12–1.30 PM

  • Basics of Data Anonymisation | Nov 2 2021 at 1–2 PM

  • How to Store Research Data | Nov 4 2021 at 1–2 PM

  • How to Make Your Research/Code Reproducible and Reusable | Nov 10 2021 at 1–2.30 PM

  • Current Trends in Academic Publishing: Plan S and Overlay Journals | Nov 17 2021 at 1–2.30 PM

  • Legal Aspects of Research Data | Nov 18 2021 at 1–2 PM

  • Research ethics for doctoral students

Registration and more details at:

Scientific computing

Please check for other courses at Aalto and for training courses and events at CSC. Some coming courses:

MOOC on scientific computing:

Skills map

There is a lot to learn, and it all depends on each other. How do you get started?

Our training map Hands-on Scientific Computing sorts the skills you need by level and category, providing you a strategy to get started.

Level dependencies

In order to do basic scientific computing, C (Linux and shell) is needed. To use a computer cluster, D (Clusters and HPC) is useful. E (scientific coding) is useful if you are writing your own software.

Our courses

You can browse the material we have developed for our courses by following the links below.