Scientific Computing in Practice

As time passes, consumer computers are becoming easier to use, but there are still no apps for making apps or doing research. Thus, these days we need an even greater focus on basic computational literacy for research because the backgrounds of computational researchers are becoming more diverse and basic computational skills are being lost from academic courses.

SCIP is a lecture series at Aalto University which covers hands-on, practical scientific computing related topics. Lectures are open for the entire Aalto community as well as our partners at FGCI consortium. For self-study, we have a comprehensive training guide.

Examples of topics covered at different lectures: HPC crash course, Triton kickstarts, Linux Shell, Parallel programming models: MPI and OpenMP, GPU computing, Python for scientists, Data analysis with R and/or Python, Matlab, HTCondor and many others.

Lectures by date and topics

Spring / Summer 2020: Introduction to MPI, Molecular dynamics with LAMMPS, Matlab continuation course, Linux Shell Scripting, CodeRefinery. On top of them Summer Kickstart in June.

Fall / Winter 2020 courses (tentative plan): Linux Shell basics, Data analysis with R and Python, HTCondor introduction, Matlab Basics, GPU computing, CodeRefinery (3-day workshop), Introduction to Julia programming language, Triton winter kickstart


This course list is used to be at page. We keep those pages for a while, though at some point the site will be obsoleted and removed.