April 2022 / How to debug code

Part of Scientific Computing in Practice lecture series at Aalto University.

Audience: Researchers and students who need to write code to get their work done.

About the course: Every coder makes mistakes, and finding out why code isn’t working (or not working as intended) can be time consuming. This course tries to introduce tools and methods to help users with debugging and potentially optimising their code. It introduces common pitfalls of different languages and provides practical exercises in which bugs have to be found and fixed. It is completely modular, each day a different language will be introduced and tools and specifics for that language presented. Due to the structure of the course, there might be overlapping information between the individual days as each day focuses on one particular language. The course is designed for students and researchers who have a basic background in programming (i.e. they should be familiar with concepts like variables, loops, if/then/else and functions), but are either new to a language or are starting their first projects. More specific requirements (including required software) will be listed for each day.

Lecturers: See details at https://github.com/AaltoSciComp/debugging

Time, date:




Wed 20.4


Debugging with Python

Thu 21.4


Debugging with MATLAB

Fri 22.4


Debugging with C/C++

Mon 25.4


Debugging with Julia

Tue 26.4


Debugging with R

Place: The workshops will be held via Zoom. You will receive a link few days before the workshop starts.

Cost: Free of charge for anyone with an internet connection

Registration: Click here to register

Credits (opintopisteet): No certificates or credits will be given from these training courses.

Additional course info at: https://github.com/AaltoSciComp/debugging