April 2022 / Hands-on Data Anonymization

Part of Scientific Computing in Practice lecture series at Aalto University and Aalto Data Agents RDM training.

Audience: Anyone who works with personal data in all its forms (background variables from questionnaires, medical images, health data, geospatial location data, speech, videos, pictures, etc…).

About the course: The goals for this course are practical: to have people to actually de-identify/pseudo-anonymise/anonymize personal data in many of its forms and also use modern techniques for working with personal / sensitive data. There will be a conceptual introduction on day1, other days will cover tools for (pseudo)anonymizing personal data.

Lecturers: Enrico Glerean

Time, date, place: the course consists of four online hands-on sessions. Zoom link to be posted to the registered participants list






Basics of Anonymization and working with participants background data



Automating anonymisation for tabular data

Optional/if enough people are interested

to be defined

Anonymization for complex datasets: Faces in pictures and videos, Speech, Geospatial data, medical data. Advanced techniques for working with sensitive data (data synthesis, federated learning and differential privacy)

Course material: Link will be sent to participants before the workshop

Cost: Free of charge

Registration: https://link.webropol.com/s/dataanonymization2022

Credits: Course certificate (equivalent to 1 ECTS) for those who are up for doing some homeworks on a chosen topic.

Additional course info at: enrico.glerean -at- aalto.fi