March 2022 / Linux Shell Scripting

Part of Scientific Computing in Practice lecture series at Aalto University.

Audience: employees and students, intermediate or advanced level in Linux/Mac shell. (We happily accept public attendance, but are doing limited advertisement right now - if the course was advertised to you, welcome.)

About the course: Did you know that SLURM batch script is a regular BASH shell script mostly? Did you know that when you login to Triton (our computer cluster) your terminal is a fully enabled shell scripting environment? Do you want to know how to create an alias, a function, how to use loops and traps in a shell, work with variables and arrays? This course is oriented on those who want to start using BASH programming fully and use terminal efficiently.

We expect that course participants are familiar with the shell basics (experience with BASH, ZSH, etc). We somewhat touch the Part 1 of the Linux Shell tutorial, and continue to Part 2. Though we expect that participant knows how to create a directory and can edit file from the linux shell command line. We will be scripting a lot, there will be lots of demos and real practicing.

Lecturer: Ivan Degtyarenko, D. Sc., Science IT / Department of Applied Physics, Aalto University

Place: Online and in-person at Room U135a (U7) Otaniemi (in-person only if there are enough participants). Please register for receiving the link to streaming and other infos for in-person sessions.

Time, date (all times EET):



Mon 21.03


Fri 25.03


Mon 28.03


Fri 01.04


Course material: will be mostly based on the second part of the Linux shell tutorial.

Additional materials and homework assignments at (will be made available for others)

Registration: You can register at this link

Credits: Credits available for the Aalto students and course certificate can be provided on request for the outsiders. Credits/certificate require full time participation and handling home work/assignments. Full course hours correspond roughly to 1 ECTS.

Setup instructions: For the online course we expect you to have Zoom client installed on your local workstation/laptop. Then we expect you to have access to Linux-like shell terminal. You can check BASH installation instructions for various operating systems at this link. If needed participants can be provided with access to the Triton HPC cluster for running examples.

Additional course info at: scip -at-