SciComp community

Let’s face it: we learn more from each other than from classes. There is a major problem with inequality in computational sciences, a large part is related to how we learn these tools. Join the Aalto Scientific Computing community to help you and others be the best scientist you can be. You can

  • Network with others within a supportive mentoring community.

  • Share knowledge among ourselves, avoid wasting time on things where someone knows the answer.

  • Take part in developing our services - basically, be a voice of the users.

SciComp Garage and issues

Currently, most of our interaction happens in the daily SciComp Garage, which is a daily meeting where we help others (and learn ourselves). If you hang out there, you will learn a lot.

If you subscribe to the Triton issue tracker, you will see a lot of questions and answers, and thus learn a lot.

Aalto community chats

We have weekly chats for the Aalto scientific computing poweruser/RSEs as a way to network with the community and Aalto staff. Currently, these are done at 10:00 on Thursdays as part of the Nordic-RSE Finland chats. Anyone is welcome to join and discuss Aalto-related topics.

Mailing lists