User groups

Often, there is specialized software or problem domains which need more advanced documentation than the generic HPC talks. Often, the SciComp staff aren’t experts in this particular domain, so we can’t provide immediate help without knowing more. For this, we have user groups: we meet with groups of users to discuss problems and create solutions/documentation about them..

Existing user groups

To be formed.

If you would like to create a user group, let us know. The hardest part is finding the users, so if you form the group of people and schedule a time, it is very easy for us to come. To be clear, if you bring people together and want to organize the group, we are very happy and will take part and make it “official”.

User group meetings

A user group meets periodically, and does various things. At the meeting is some SciComp staff as well as interested users, who want to make a larger change than just solving their own problems.

  • See examples of the software or problem in practice.

  • Discuss the best solution of problems

  • Collaboratively create documentation on the problem (which can be put straight at, for example in Applications: General info). We can create video demos, examples, and more.

  • Discuss how the infrastructure needs to be adapted to the actual use cases.

  • Provide a network for informal support within research groups.

Preparing for a user group

  • We will create a Triton issue about it and use that for communication. Subscribe (= turn on notifications or comment) to the issue to get emails about it.

  • Please submit some examples to the issue tracker, for example either things which already work (discuss + document) or things that don’t yet (we will work together to improve + document). This will form the main part of the meeting. We need examples!