Unit information

This page describes the Aalto units which are supporting the RSE program and what their priorities are.

The service is currently (late 2022) mainly funded by the School of Science, so our focus must be there. In early 2022, this service was free for everyone at Aalto thanks to a pilot grant from Aalto IT Services. This was successful and we are waiting for the next phase in 2022.

See For units such as departments if you would like to join the RSE service as a department or school.


Supporting all community.


Supporting all community.


Supporting all community.


Supporting all community.

Rest of Aalto

In early 2022, we had a pilot project from IT Services to provide this service to all of Aalto. It was successful and we are waiting for the next steps, but as of late 2022, we can’t focus on non-SCI projects. Go ahead and drop by and we can add you to our queue.

If you project has its own funding, we can support it. And the Scicomp garage support is always available.