Unit information

This page describes the Aalto units which are supporting the RSE program and what their priorities are.

General questions

A unit joining and providing funding should first check the implementation plan and then consider the following questions:

  • Maintain some fraction of time for basic services (short term, free-at-point-of-use assistance to strategically improve the quality of your research) ←→ or prioritize projects that can pay themselves to make the unit’s cost as low as possible.

  • Support the coolest projects ←→ help those who are struggling the most.

  • Support efficient use of infrastructure/hardware or existing project ←→ new projects.

  • Are there any strategic areas to focus on?

  • Contact us for a personalized chat about possibilities.


The following units are currently supporting the RSE program, so only these units may receive the “basic service” (short term help, free to the user). Others may be able to purchase our services using their own project funding, depending on how much time we have available.