Message templates

These are templates for different messages we might send. As you might expect, they are probably not suitable for using directly (even by us), but it’s better to record them than lose them, and better to be open than not.


Contacting researchers


Did you know of the Aalto Research Software Engineer service ( It provides specialized support in software development and computational science. Could any of your infrastructure users benefit from this service?

The point of this service is to make sure that anyone can succeed in their service, regardless of their computational background. For example, we can provide software development, advice and support for those programming themselves, data management support, help packaging and publish software, and so on. There are so many things that a person needs to know these days that one can’t expect to know everything.

We started in 2020 in the School of Science, and now have funding to support people from any school.

If you have any ideas, feel free to point your users to our service, . Or, we can arrange a discussion session to talk about ways to more closely work together, since I am sure there are ways that joining forces is best.

Project status (waiting)

In the queue

We (Aalto RSE) still have an open issue in our queue about your project DESCRIPTION.

It’s still in our queue, and hopefully someone can get to it in WHEN. I’m wondering about status from your side - Is this still important to you? Have you figured out something else already, so that it’s not needed? Anything we should know about our scheduling and planning? Should we increase/reduce the priority? Would some smaller amount of help let you get going?

For short term stuff and consultations about the project, you can always try dropping by our garage, even before we actively start working:


Basic project information template


Basic description:
- .

Current team:
- .

Each team does:
- .

Tech tools:
- .

Scientific tools/domain knowledge:
- .

- Time estimate:
- Any deadlines?:
- Expected time, likelihood of going over:
- What happens if it goes over time?  Backup plans?:

Links to existing docs:
- ...




Feedback requests


Some time ago, we helped you with ________________ as part of our Research Software Engineer service. Now that some time has passed, we would like to know if you had any feedback on our support. This is very important to us to ensure the continuation of this service, so please take a minute or two to quickly answer! A few numbers in reply to this message is sufficient.

First off, we wonder how much time (mental effort) do you think our work has saved you? (We know this can be hard to estimate, but any kind of rough prediction of “I avoided spending X days/hours to plan, implement, or debug what we would have done otherwise”.)

Then, what about these research outputs: how many have we contributed to?: Articles/papers, datasets, software projects released, projects supported in general, etc.

Do you have any other comments on our service?