Advisory board


This page is a draft.

This page describes the advisory board of the Aalto RSE program and hosts the results of its meetings. Out of principle, all material is open on this page (though specific items may be retracted).

Purpose of the advisory board

The advisory board provides advice to the strategy (and when relevant, day to day implementation) of the Aalto RSE program and its relation to research, scientific computing, and teaching at Aalto.

Current advisory board

Currently, the advisory board is the Science-IT board.

Meetings (Section not in use)

Topics for the next meeting and results from previous meetings are located here, newest first.

Next meeting

  • Purpose of advisory board and its roles. How often to meet?

  • What are your priorities?

  • What is the threshold for your department to “pay” for service.

  • How can we find customers?

  • How much do we focus on cost recovery, and how much on basic work?

  • What are our KPIs? See Measurement and KPIs and Tracking scientific benefits.

    • Cost recovery from projects

    • N ongoing projects and N completed projects

    • N publications supported.

    • N open outputs produced (non-publication: datasets, software, etc.)

    • Survey (of PIs) of benefits after.

    • Estimated time saved.