Science-IT (Aalto HPC)

Science-IT is the formal name of the project which provides the Triton computational cluster. It is funded by Aalto University, departments and schools, and the Academy of Finland. Perhaps a better description would be Aalto HPC (high-performance computing).

Science-IT is the “legal representation” of Aalto Scientific Computing within Aalto.

Computational research is one of the focus areas in Aalto University. The Science-IT project was founded in 2009 to facilitate the computational infrastructure needed in top-tier scientific research. Many Centres of Excellence and departments at Aalto University are using our resources with great success. There are many. Science-IT is administered from the School of Science, and direct Aalto level funding enables use of our resources from all Aalto University, free of charge.

Our services

In Science-IT, we concentrate on mid-range computing and special resources needed by researchers in the School of Science. With local resources, we can provide high-quality support and even research-project-level customization. Because our resources are integrated into the Aalto IT environment, with regular local training in the scientific computing practice to entry-level users, our resources enjoy an ease of access and lower barrier to entry than, for example, CSC HPC resources. We are also a basic research infrastructure, enabling the integration of separately purchased resources to our cluster and storage environments, with dedicated access for the purchaser.


Departments and schools can join the Science-IT project and receive a share of our resources and dedicated staff support. Please contact Mikko Hakala for details.

Science-IT Management

Science-IT is managed by the board: prof. Harri Lähdesmäki (head), prof. Adam Foster, prof. Mikko Kurimo, prof. Petteri Kaski.

Operational team: Mikko Hakala, D.Sc. (Tech), Ivan Degtyarenko, D.Sc. (Tech), Richard Darst (Ph.D.), Simo Tuomisto (M.Sc), Enrico Glerean (Ph.D).

To get additional information or how to get involved please contact one of the board member above (