Computer Science IT

Computer Science IT provides advanced computing, data, and IT services to the Department of Computer Science. Ten years ago, we focused on daily infrastructure and devices. We still do that, but our we now serve a far broader mission including teaching and services, data management, specialised research tools, and cloud services.

Our services


… but most basic IT tools are handled by Aalto IT Services, not us. We build on their work and make sure research and teaching goes as quickly as possible.

(also note, we don’t primarily serve CS undergraduate students)

Work for CS-IT

We are always looking for students interested in IT, programming, and system administration. We also are a good place for civil service. The most important prerequisites are a good understanding of Linux and a never-ending desire to learn more. Buzzwords you are likely to become familiar with/useful skills to have:

  • Kubernetes, docker, and virtual machines

  • Web service development

  • Puppet (and Ansible)

  • Data and storage systems

  • Computer hardware, building high-performance workstations


You can always drop by room A243 if we are there (not during covid-19, please) or join the daily online garage, or contact us by the email address findable on our internal wiki.

See our members on the About Aalto Scientific Computing page.