Boilerplate text for grant proposals

Below are various texts which describe our resources, suitable for inclusion in grant applications an the like. There are various types suitable for different purposes.

If you create your own texts and would like to share them, send them to us.

Focus on Triton

Computing and modelling are strategic areas of Aalto University. To support research in these scopes the university is committed to provide proper hardware resources and supporting personnel on long term basis. Currently we provide a system with about 10000 computing cores. The System also contains 150 NVIDIA cards for GPU computing and over 5 PB of fast storage capacity suitable for Big Data needs. All parts are connected with a fast Infiniband network to support parallel computing and fast data access. To keep the resources competitive we annually upgrade the system based on the needs of researchers.

All resources are integrated with the national resources allowing easy migration to even larger resources when necessary. These include e.g. University dedicated OpenStack based cloud resources and access to thousands of servers via the national computing grid. Furthermore we provide much preconfigured software and hands on support to make the usage for researchers as effective as possible. On the personnel side we have five permanent Ph.D. level staff to keep the system running and providing teaching and consultation for researchers.

Focus on data

Computing and data are strategic areas in Aalto University.

The university provides data management and computing solutions throughtout the data lifecycle. The university provides free storage to researchers of essentially unlimited size, provided that the data is managed well. Data storage includes 5PB of high-performance Lustre filesystem space connected directly to a computing cluster for efficient and secure analysis, and 1PB of reliable, backed-up storage space for longer-term storage. Expert staff, both technical and administrative, provide advice and hands-on support in data storage, computation, FAIR principles, data management planning, as well as computation.

Data management is designed with a focus on security. Recommended storage locations are centrally located for security. Computing nodes and data storage servers are physically located at CSC, Keilaranta 14, Espoo. The server room is certified security level 3 (VAHTI-3) i.e. only authorized personnel with clearance are given access to it and there is continuous camera surveillance. All data is access controlled by passwords and individual-level authorization, and firewalled to university networks.

Research environment: research software engineers

The Aalto Research Software Engineer (RSE) team provides a specialized advice and service in research software, data, and computing so that any researcher can accomplish the best science without being held back by technological problems. Typical tasks including implementing a method bettor or faster than could otherwise be done, or ensuring that results are as open and reusable as possible so that the full impact of the work can be realized. RSE staff are professional researchers with years of experience in computational sciences, and work seamlessly with the rest of the Science-IT team. For the School of Science, basic services is included as part of overheads, or longer-term services can be funded from specific research projects.

Research software engineering services

(this text must especially be tuned to your grant, replace the parts in CAPITAL LETTERS)

This grant will make use of the Aalto Research Software Engineer program to hire high-quality TOPIC specialists. This program provides PhD-level personnel to work on THINGS, which allows the other staff on this project to focus on YYY. Research software engineers do not need to be independently recruited, and are available for consultation also before and after the project. This service is provided by Aalto Scientific Computing, which also provides high-performance computing resources for our project. The Research Software Engineering service is integrated into computing services as a consistent package.

(for basic service, for now only SCI) The service is available as a basic consulting service for free.

(for paid services) This project receives dedicated service from the Research Software Engineering group, funded as researcher salary from this grant. During this period, one of the Aalto research software engineers joins this project as a researcher, equal to all other project employees.

Acknowledgement for papers

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