Boilerplate text for grant proposals

Below are various texts which describe our resources, suitable for inclusion in grant applications an the like. There are various types suitable for different purposes.

If you create your own texts and would like to share them, send them to us.

Focus on Triton

Computing and modelling are strategic areas of Aalto University. To support research in these scopes the university is committed to provide proper hardware resources and supporting personnel on long term basis. Currently we provide a system with about 5200 computing cores. The System also contains 27 servers with 2-8 NVIDIA cards for GPU computing and over 2 PB of fast storage capacity suitable for Big Data needs. All parts are connected with a fast Infiniband network to support parallel computing and fast data access. To keep the resources competitive we annually upgrade the system based on the needs of researchers.

All resources are integrated with the national resources allowing easy migration to even larger resources when necessary. These include e.g. University dedicated OpenStack based cloud resources and access to thousands of servers via the national computing grid. Furthermore we provide much preconfigured software and hands on support to make the usage for researchers as effective as possible. On the personnel side we have four permanent Ph.D. level staff to keep the system running and providing teaching and consultation for researchers.