Local LLM web APIs

As a pilot service, Aalto RSE has a service running some common open-source LLMS (llama2, mistral, etc.) available via the web. This can be used for lightweight purposes via programming, but shouldn’t replace batch usage (use LLMs) or interactive chatting (use Aalto GPT).


Currently this is not available publicly, but if you ask, we can provide development access. Chat with us in the #llms stream on Chat. That’s also the best way to contact the developers (other contact methods are in Help.

The API doesn’t have it’s own detailed documentation (ask us), but the API should be OpenAI compatible (for chat models) so many existing libraries work automatically.

Intended use and resource availability

This is ideal if you need to run things through LLMs which are only running on Aalto servers, and without many requests per second (this isn’t for batch use). This could, for example, be an alternative to running your own LLM server for basic testing or small question answering. It’s also good if you need to test various open-source LLMs out before beginning batch work. It’s perfectly suited for intermittent daily use.

Right now, each models has limited resources (some running on CPUs and some on GPUs). They can serve a request every few seconds, but resources could easily be overloaded. We intend to add resources as needed, depending on use. For any serious use, please contact us so that we can plan for the future. Don’t assume any stability or performance right now.

Technical implementation

Models run on local hardware on the Aalto University premises. Kubernetes is used to manage computing power, so in principle there is plenty of opportunity for scaling, but this is not turned on until a need is established. CPU resources are significant, but there are limited GPU resources (but that can change, depending on demand).