Aalto Windows

This page describes the Aalto centrally-managed Windows computers, where login is via Aalto accounts. If you have a standalone laptop (login not using Aalto account), some of this may be relevant, but for the most part you will access your data and Aalto resources via Remote Access.

More instructions: https://inside.aalto.fi/display/ITServices/Windows


In the Aalto installations, login is via Aalto account only.

  • You must be on the Aalto network the first time you connect.

Full disk encryption

Aalto Windows laptops come with this by default, tied to your login password. To verify encryption, find “BitLocker” from the start menu and check that it is on.

Note, that on standalone installations, you can do encryption by searching “TrueCrypt” in programs - it is already included.


This section details built-in ways of accessing data storage locations. For generic ways of accessing remotely, see Remote Access. For Aalto data storage locations, see Data storage and Data: outline, requesting space, requesting access.

Your home directory is automatically synced to some degree.

You can store local data at C:\LocalUserData\User-data\<yourusername>. Note that this is not backed up or supported. For data you want to exist in a few years, use a network drive. It can be worth making a working copy here, since it can be faster.


Aalto software

There is a Windows software self-service portal which can be used to install some software automatically.

Installing other software

To install most other software, you need to apply for a workstation admin (wa) account. Contact your department IT to get the process started.

Common problems