Cluster general background knowledge


Videos of this topic may be available from one of our kickstart course playlists: 2024, 2023, 2022 Summer, 2022 February, 2021 Summer, 2021 February.

The following topics are required background knowledge for productive use of a remote computer cluster, and not covered in the following sequence of tutorials. You should at least browse these to confirm that you know the basics here.

Building your skills

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As time goes on, computers are getting easier and easier to use. However, research is not a consumer product, and the fact is that you need more knowledge to use Triton than most people learn in academic courses.

We have created a modular training plan, which divides useful knowledge into levels. In order to use Triton well, you need to be somewhat proficient at Linux usage (C level). In order to do parallel work, you need to be good at the D-level and also somewhat proficient at the HPC level (E-level). This tutorial and user guide covers the D-level, but it is up to you to reach the C-level first.

See our training program and plan for suggested material for self-study and lessons. We offer routine training, see our Scientific Computing in Practice lecture series page for info.

You can’t learn everything you need all at once. Instead, continually learn and know when to ask for help.

What’s next?

The next tutorial is about connecting to the cluster.