Warning: page not updated for current Triton

This page hasn’t been updated since Triton was completely upgraded in May 2024. The software might not be installed and the old information below might not work anymore (or might need adapting). If you need this software, open an issue and tell us so we can reinstall/update it.




If you’re using the theano library, you need to tell theano to store compiled code on the local disk on the compute node. Create a file ~/.theanorc with the contents


Also make sure that in your batch job script you create this directory before you launch theano. E.g.

mkdir -p /tmp/${USER}/theano

The problem is that by default the base_compiledir is in your home directory (~/.theano/), and then if you first happen to run a job on a newer processor, a later job that happens to run on an older processor will crash with an “Illegal instruction” error.