Gurobi Optimizer

Gurobi Optimizer is a commercial optimizing library.


Aalto University has a site-wide floating license for Gurobi.

You can create a gurobi.lic file in your home folder. The file should contain the following single line:

You can create this license file with the following command on the login node:

echo "" > ~/gurobi.lic

The license is an Educational Institution Site License:

Free Academic License Requirements, Gurobi Academic Licenses: Can only be used by faculty, students, or staff of a recognized degree-granting academic institution. Can be used for: Research or educational purposes. Consulting projects with industry – provided that approval from Gurobi has been granted.

Gurobi with Python

The default anaconda-modules come with a pre-installed Gurobi installation. By loading the module, $GUROBI_HOME-variable is set to the installation directory of the Anaconda-environment.

After setting the license, one can run, for example, example from Gurobi’s website:

module load anaconda
python $GUROBI_HOME/share/doc/gurobi/examples/python/

Gurobi with Julia

For Julia there exists a package called Gurobi.jl that provides an interface to Gurobi. This package needs Gurobi C libraries so that it can run. The easiest way of obtaining these libraries is to load the anaconda-module and use the same libraries that the Python API uses.

To install Gurobi.jl, one can use the following commands:

module load anaconda
module load julia

After this, in the julia-shell, install Gurobi.jl with:

using Pkg

# Test installation
using Gurobi

Before using the package do note the recommendations from Gurobi.jl’ GitHub-page regarding the use of JuMP.jl and the reuse of environments.