Triton has quotas which limit both the space usage and number of files. The quota for your home directory is 10GB, for $WRKDIR by default is 200GB, and project directories depending on request. These quotas exist to avoid usage exploding without anyone noticing. If you ever need more space, just ask. We’ll either give you more or find a solution for you.

There is a inode (number of files) quota of 1 million, because scratch is not that great for too many small files. If you have too many small files, see the page on small files.

Lustre (scratch/work) quotas


Before 2021-09-15, quotas worked differently, and used group IDs rather than project IDs. There were many things that could go wrong and give you “disk quota exceeded” even though there appeared to be enough space.

There are both quotas for users and projects (/m/$dept/scratch/$project). We use project IDs for this (see detailed link in See Also). The quota command shows the correct quotas (by project) by default, so there is nothing special you should need to do.

If you want to look deeper, check the project ID with lfs project -d {path} and quotas with lfs quota -hp {project_id}.

Unlike the previous situation, there should be much fewer possible quota problems.

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