Creating a graphical job on triton


Before submitting a job: Optimally, through tests, have a rough idea, how long your job takes, how much memory it needs and how much CPU(s)/GPU(s) it needs.

Required Reading:

Required Setup:

First off, in general, using graphical user interfaces to programming languages (e.g. graphical Matlab, or RStudio) is not recommended, since there is no real advantage to submitting a job to the cluster.

However, there are instances where you might need large amount of resources e.g. to visualize data which is indeed intended use. There are two things you need to do to run a graphical program on the cluster:

  • Start X-forwarding (ssh -X host or ssh -Y host)

  • request an interactive job on the cluster (sinteractive)

Once you are on a node, you can load and run your program.