Triton accounts

You need to request Triton access separately, however, the account information (username, password, shell, etc) is shared with the Aalto account so there is not actually a separate account. Triton access is available to any researcher at Aalto for free. Resources are funded by departments, and distributed by a fairshare algorithm: members of departments and schools which provide direct funding have a greater share.

Please use the account request form (“Triton: New user account”) to request the account. (For future help, you should probably use our issue tracker: see the Getting Triton help page.)

A few prerequisites:

Accounts are for (see details):

  • Researchers (as in, affiliated with a research PI in any way). Please tell us who your supervisor is in your account request.

    • If you are a student doing a course project which is essentially research project (you are basically joining the research group), you may use Triton for that project. You should be clear about this in your request, put your research supervisor (not course instructor) as supervisor, and we’ll verify.

  • Students coming to one of our Scientific Computing in Practice courses which uses Triton. You will be specifically told if this is the case

  • Other students not doing research needing computational facilities should check out our introduction for students. This includes most student projects as part of courses, unless you are effectively joining a research group to do a project.

You know that you have Triton access if you are in the triton-users group at Aalto: groups shows this on Aalto linux machines.

Your department/unit

When you get an account, you get added to a unit’s group, which is “billed” for your usage. If you change Aalto units, this may need updated. Check sshare -U or sshare and if it’s wrong, let us know (the units are first on the line). (These are currently by department, so changes are not that frequent)

Password change and other issues

Since your Triton account is a regular Aalto account, for any password change, shell change etc use Aalto services. You can always do these on the server (at least).

If you are in doubts, in case of any account related issue your primary point of contact is your local support team member via the support email address. Do not post such issues on the tracker.

Account deactivation / remove from mailing list

Your account lasts as long as your Aalto account does, and the triton-users mailing list is directly tied to Triton account. You will also be unsubscribed from the mailing list (they go together, you can’t just be removed from the mailing list).

If you want to deactivate your account, send an email to the scicomp email address (scicomp -at- You can save time by saying something like the following in your message (otherwise we will reply to confirm, if you have any special requests or need help, ask us): “I realize that I will lose access to Triton, I have made plans for any important data data and I realize that any home and work directory data will eventually be deleted”.

Before you leave, please clean up your home/work/scratch directories data. Consider who should have your data after you are done: does your group still need access to it?. You won’t have access to the files after your account is deactivated. Note that scratch/work directory data are unrecoverable after deleting, which will happen eventually. If data is stored in a group directory (/scratch/$dept/$groupname), it won’t be deleted and will stay managed by the group owner.

Terms of use/privacy policy

See the Usage policies and legal page.