Requesting RSE support


This page is still in draft form and being discussed and developed. See the note on the parent page.

This page explains the typical process of contacting us and requesting RSE support.

Medium or long-term, scheduled projects

If you have a long-term project as part of a grant coming in the future, contact us to let us know and we can be prepared.

Quick Consultations

We recommend you come to our daily garage sessions for a short chat.


Our email is rse-group at (the Triton email address also gets to us).

You can request an initial consultation or submit a project request (really, it’s not that different, since everything is read by a human):

  • You can send an email to rse-group at or use our request form (“Research Software Engineer requst”). The email can be free-form, the request form guides you to answer some useful questions.

  • You can come to our daily garage and have a chat with us.

Next steps

See How we work for more info.