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About CodeRefinery and Aalto SciComp

  • CodeRefinery is a Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration-sponsored project to support computational research.

  • Aalto Scientific Computing supports supports computational research at Aalto University

Future events

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How to stay in touch

CodeRefinery Mastodon: or twitter @coderefine

Aalto Scientific Computing Mastodon: or twitter @SciCompAalto

Nordic Research Software Engineers contains many like-minded people: if you want to do computational science as your career, consider joining:

How can we work together

  • Individual contributor

    • Team leader / bring your group

    • Co-teacher

    • Help out in general: there is plenty to do other than teaching, and that’s our current problem!

  • Individual contributor as part of an organization

    • Advertise our course to your audience

    • Run local breakout rooms /exercise sessions

    • All of the above.

  • As an organization

    • Become a partner, do all of the above systematically and for a long-term period.

    • We want CodeRefinery to become a partnership and maybe incorporate as a non-profit.

    • All of the above.


  • Afterparty in Zoom