SciComp powerusers group

The Scientific Compupting powerusers group is a every-two-weeks event focused on scientific computing and research software at Aalto. It is for anyone who wants to be more involved in computing infrastructure and computing/software/data support at Aalto.

The ideal attendee is a researcher who is more involved in the programming/technology/data side of things and ends up supporting others more than usual. You will get to network with Aalto staff, learn from them, and discuss your needs. It will help both your current research and future career prospects.

The powerusers group is run by Aalto Scientific Computing (Science-IT) in collaboration with others at Aalto. Aalto SciComp is in the School of Science, but serves the whole university - and we explicitly invite others from other schools to join.

Contact: Richard Darst.


date time location/notes
W, 6.may 10-11 Microsoft Teams
T, 19.may 14-15  
T, 2.june 14-15 (time may change)