This uses Singularity containers, so you should refer to that page first for general information.

OpenPose has been compiled against Atlas and Caffe, CUDA and cuDNN. Image is based on a bvlc/caffe:gpu base image.

Dockerfile for this image is available here.

Within the container OpenPose is installed under /opt/openpose-master. Due to the way the examples are organized, the singularity_wrapper changes the working directory to /opt/openpose-master.

Example sbatch script is shown below.


#SBATCH -t 00:10:00
#SBATCH -n 1
#SBATCH --gres=gpu:teslak80:1
#SBATCH --mem=8G

module load singularity-openpose/v1.4.0

# Print out usage flags
singularity_wrapper exec openpose --help

# Run example
singularity_wrapper exec openpose --video examples/media/video.avi --display 0 --write_video $WRKDIR/openpose.avi