Practical workflows for scientific computing

In our summer HPC kickstart courses, we show the basic principles of using a cluster and other computing tools. Yet there is still a long way from basic usage to the powerful workflows that people use in their science. This course is designed to fill that gap by showing advanced real-life examples of how people actually do their science with computers.

This course is expected during academic year 2023-2024 but dates and exact topics are not yet. If you are interested in helping out or you have requests for topics, please get in touch.


The format is a series of (mostly) independent demos about the way people actually work. Each demo should have a few points which you can apply to your work - either now or in the future. You will also greatly broader your skills.

Example topics include (please suggest more you would like):

  • Parallelizing things without parallelizing things (array jobs)

  • Version control for small projects - how it’s actually used

  • Developing on the cluster - or locally?

  • Workflow automation

  • Configuring simulations to sweep through different parameters.

  • How we actually connect to the cluster and work there.

See also / more info

Chat with us in the CodeRefinery chat or Aalto SciComp chat. Or private contact via Richard Darst, scip -a-t-