October 2021 / Introduction to Julia

Course basics

An introduction to the Julia programming language by Science IT at Aalto University.

The course takes place over two days, October 4 and 5 from 9:00 to 14:00.

Audience Researchers and students who need to use Julia. We assume you know some at least one programming language. Specifically, you should be familiar with functions, for-loops and if statements. If you are completely new to programming, but would like to attend the course, you can read through for example the Carpentries Incubator Julia course sections 1 - 7.

Before the course Please follow the installation instructions on the course page

Materials: The materials can be found on the course GitHub page. Instructions for using the Jupyter notebooks can also be found there.

Place: Online, zoom link will be sent to registered participants

  • Jarno Rantaharju, Research Software Engineer, Aalto Scientific Computing

  • Luca Ferranti, PhD student and Julia developer, University of Vaasa


Please register at this link

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