Scientific computing and data science require special, practical skills in programming and computer use. However, these aren’t often learned in courses.

This page is your portal for training. The focus is practical, hands-on courses for scientists, not theoretical academic courses. For course announcements at Aalto, see the Scientific Computing in Practice courses page.

If you’re starting research, ask your advisor what level of skill they expect you to have. There are both courses and self-study materials below. A few hours now can save you days of time during your career.


Skills map

There is a lot to learn, and it all depends on each other. How do you get started?

Our training map Hands-on Scientific Computing sorts the skills you need by level and category, providing you a strategy to get started.

In order to do basic scientific computing, C (Linux and shell) is needed. To use a computer cluster, D (Clusters and HPC) is useful E (scientific coding) is useful if you are writing your own software.