Basic services:

  • Researchers are selected based on an light application and consultation or recommendation from Science-IT. The RSE program balances its time in proportion to its funding from schools/departments/groups.
  • Ranking criteria includes potential to create lasting improvement of skills within a research group, improvement in hardware efficiency, number of people benefited, buy-in of group leader, open nature of projects (we have a preference for open projects which can serve as an example to others), potential for high-impact open software, and diversity considerations.
  • Typical time frame is generally between one day and a week.
  • General timeframe: initial consultation to discuss starting point, discussion to decide on target state, RSE provides advice on additional training, co-working on the project, follow-up advice as needed. RSE will ideally work from the same office as the researcher.

Dedicated service:

  • All parameters as agreed in funding discussions.
  • Can be implemented as co-funding of salaries or usage fees.
  • Time frame typically months or more. Can include long-term maintenance or support at a small full-time equivalent.