COMSOL Multiphysics¶

  • Version 4.3 installed. Use module command to enable.

    • Runing on the fat-nodes straight out of the box.

    • Would be interesting to submit cluster jobs from the fat node.

    • Pure MPI-parallel Tests have worked straight-forward. Something like the following was within the batch-job submit file:

      module  load mvapich2-x86_64
      $BIN   batch \
          -clustersimple \
          -mpibootstrap slurm\
          -inputfile $INPUT_FILE \
          -outputfile $OUTPUT_FILE \
          -launcher slurm
  • Comsol uses a lot of temp file storage, which by default goes to $HOME. Fix a bit like the following:

    $ rm -rf ~/.comsol/v43a/recoveries
    $ mkdir /triton/tfy/work/$USER/comsol_revoveries/
    $ ln -s /triton/tfy/work/$USER/comsol_revoveries/ ~/.comsol/